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I just got a new Adam magazine with new “Susan Norman” photos of me, taken by Keith Bernard. I was surprised to find that the blurb accompanying the photo layout was TRUE. He got my measurements correct (well maybe cut one inch off the hips) — but mostly correct, whereas most of the blurbs are way off. He also correctly identified my birthplace (Canada) and where I was currently living (Hollywood). But most of all, he got the fact that I was planning to go to Africa correct. The only thing I found odd was that when I modeled for Keith, in early June 1963, I was planning to go to Kenya, but I’m sure that I never mentioned Tanganyika, because I never even thought of going there until I re-connected with an African I’d met two years earlier; I didn’t reconnect with him until August 1963. Keith may have kept accurate notes, but he couldn’t have known about Tanganyika. My agent didn’t know where I’d gone. Only a couple of close friends at the Hollywood Studio Club knew. So Keith must have found out that I’d left for Tanganyika from one of them. Anyway, here is the page (full-page B&W photograph) censored.

Gloria Dawn by Keith Bernard.  (Published in Adam 1964 with the name "Susan Norman."

Gloria Dawn by Keith Bernard. (Published in Adam 1964 with the “Susan Norman” name.)


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  1. Shannon, I forgot to mention that I had always assumed these “bios/interviews” were all made up in some tacky, little office. Sort of like college boys exaggerating and making stuff about about girls. But the Africa part seemed to ring quite true.

    I didn’t know any of those mens’ magazines bothered with research, interviews and notes!


    • I’m sure the magazines didn’t do any research. However, sometimes they asked the photographers for information to put in the blurb. It appears that Keith Bernard kept good notes + had found out from one of my Studio Club friends that I actually had fallen through with my trip to Africa (the Tanganyika part). One other magazine, Escapade, mentioned that I was born in Saskatoon, and again I think that they got this information from the photographer — actually the photographer’s wife. I remember her writing down bio information about me when we were talking.

  2. This set really gets a rise Shannon, one of your loveliest and sexiest. The short brunette hair style lends sophistication and maturity, where as, your blonde pinups are classic girl next door.

    36-24-36/37 doesn’t tell the whole story about your figure Shannon. Long and slender are adjectives that should be included in any narrative about your figure. Your images project a long torso hour glass figure. Buxom, is not a descriptor that comes to mind.

    I know you girls can project any image you wish with clothes, accessories and your mood. But total nudes usually give an honest perspective. Lorraine Burnett supposedly had a 42-24-36, same bottom line as you. But I never think of Lorraine as having slim hips, where you, I do. Roberta Pedon was another big busted model with a 26-36 waist and hips and she always appears slim hipped. It’s just something that my male brain takes notice of.

    Pretty girls are wonderful things to behold and you are pretty Shannon, then and now. Your blogs correct the stereotypes and your motivations and stories are interesting and clarifying. At age 58 I have a different perspective than I did back then. I know the scene wasn’t devoid of manipulations and rip-offs. But it’s nice to know you weren’t coerced by some dark, illicit cartel. I’m glad that you enjoyed taking off your clothes and modeling for guys like me, because pretty naked girls are an even more wonderful thing to behold.

    Thanks Doll.

    • Thanks for your compliments, Dennis. I posted the uncensored versions in the Keith Bernard section (under Random Photos) in Gloria Dawn Photos. I really like a lot of the photos that Keith took of me. Too bad they are only available in magazines – they look fine on the internet but don’t print well.

  3. Nice photos to bad you can’t keep this web site up . Richard

    • Onmemories will definitely stay up, Richard. It’s free. It’s Gloria Dawn Photos that I’m not certain about. I changed the style format on “Gloria Dawn Photos” to one that said “free” so maybe it will stay up also, in the current style. I won’t know until the end of January.

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