Don’t Be Fooled

September 29, 2013 at 8:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Someone is trying to sell the centerfold from a PIX magazine on eBay, which is being marketed as a photo of “Gloria Dawn.”  They can do this legitimately, as long as they sell the actual centerfold — just like anyone can legitimately sell the magazine itself.  However, I just purchased the entire magazine — it’s not that hard to find.  Initially, I bid on one and lost the magazine to someone who got it for $17.  The second time it came up, I got it for $25.  I was going to surprise you by posting some of the photos here.  It’s another set of the photos of three girls on a boat cruise by Ron Vogel (all photos in black and white) that was first published in Topper.

I’ve been busy lately.  I’m taking a writing course and it is keeping me so busy that I haven’t had time to post anything.  Anyway, here is a very rough copy of the centerfold.  I’ll post a better copy in Gloria Dawn Photos when I have time (probably not until after the course ends in the middle of December).

Too bad this eBay seller, styxiejones, had to mess up my surprise for you.  He/she is probably going to try to sell several of the fold-out pages from the magazine individually, for the same price it costs to purchase the entire magazine.



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  1. Great to hear from you! I hope you are doing well, I miss the old days and you terribly!

  2. Well it’s a great photo Shannon, especially of you dear

    • Of the 16 photos in the feature, I’m in 12 of them. Seven are of me only. I’m the only one named.

      • Wow! that’s actually quite a tribute Shannon.. Of course it’s obvious that you’re the real dish of the three girls.. They’re pretty and sexy, but you have that classic pin-up girl look going… You don’t remember the names of the other models?

  3. Danis: I’ve seen four different magazines featuring that layout, and either none of us are identified or only I am identified in each one. I don’t remember their names. I do remember that I didn’t think the brunette was all that attractive but I thought the redhead was very good looking — very elegant, with a slender curvy body, and pretty face. In person, she appeared better looking than I was. But in the pictures, her attractiveness didn’t come across. In these PIX photos, what I have over the other girls is the ability to project my personality — and that’s why there are so many photos of me in the layout. It is interesting to compare the series of PIX photos of me dancing and laughing (eventually I’ll get them scanned, after my writing course is completed) with the photos that Keith Bernard took of me (already posted in Gloria Dawn Photos). It’s hard to believe that I’m the same model.

  4. That’s interesting Shannon. Because of my interest in that era of pin-up girls, I’ve noticed that the prettiest or curviest girl isn’t always the most successful or recognizable. You’ve heard the cliche “love affair with the camera” but maybe it’s more like “unaffected by the camera.” I get the feeling you were the same girl whether you were dressed or nude. Some might say naïve and I’m sure at your young age there was an element of that, but it’s something else, that intangible component.

    Many or maybe most young girls aspire to be a pin-up. But could they be as natural without their clothes as you were? You seem to be unaware of your nudity Shannon and so therefore, and because, you actually had a personality, was it easier for you to project that image of nubile feminine beauty? Because you were so comfortable in front of the camera, your dancing didn’t appear to be forced and your laughter was sincere.

    But never discount this fact Shannon. You have incredible assets. A pretty doll face, framed with your blonde hair, perfect full breasts, tapering waist and round curving hips that give way to great gams. So I’ll stay with my original claim. It’s obvious that you were the real dish of the three.

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