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It was not until I purchased an iPad, three months ago, that I realized what selfies were. Until then, I read about them in newspapers but didn’t understand what was being discussed. Not really. I guess I had some vague idea. After I purchased the iPad, I got the picture (pun intended) about selfies. But I had no desire to take one.

In bed last night, around midnight, I couldn’t sleep. Tossed and turned. Played solitaire on my iPad. Then suddenly, I thought, “I want to take a selfie.”

So I looked up the instructions for using the camera and took one – without makeup, my hair messed from lying down. “Oh, how horrible,” I thought. I quickly got up, slathered on makeup and took a few more. Below is the result. Now you can see what a “kind of pretty” 21-year-old looks like when she reaches 74.

Generally, I don’t use a foundation, as I did in those “after” photos except for very special occasions, and I don’t have many “special occasions” any more. I just use eyebrow pencil and lipstick as every day makeup. For this impromptu photo session I also added blush on my cheeks and an eyelid liner. When I modelled at 21, I used lipstick, eyebrow pencil, and eyelid liner. I guess I should have used foundation and blush as well, because it seems to improve my appearance in photos. (I don’t think that foundation improves appearance in “real” life; it looks too fake except under evening lighting conditions. Blush seems to make my face look a bit nicer, but usually I’m too lazy to add blush to my every day makeup routine.)

Before Makeup

Shannon Moeser without makeup on Jan 14, 2015.

Shannon Moeser without makeup on Jan 14, 2015.

After Makeup

Shannon Moeser after slathering on makeup, Jan 14, 2015.

Shannon Moeser after slathering on makeup, Jan 14, 2015.


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  1. Leave it to you Shannon, to research “Selfies”. I think the pinup girl still has it and she still knows her way around a camera.  You look great Shannon, lovely and so reminiscent of your pinups. Bare shoulders are always a nice touch. Elegant and sexy, it’s that tease a guy would expect from a blonde doll that graced the pages of his favorite girly mag.  Begs the question, does this model pose nudes?

    • Bare shoulders because I was trying to sleep. Like MM, I don’t wear anything when I sleep — stopped wearing night coverings by the time I was 19. But I no longer pose nude. I think that nude older women (older than 45 or so) are not attractive. Not as nudes. A woman 101 can be attractive, but not in the same way that a nude is.

  2. Don’t sell yourself short, Shannon. You look lovely even without makeup.

  3. I find it intriguing that you are playing with your iPad in the middle of the night. What will your next tech purchase be, I wonder?

    Glad you are posting again.

    • I was “tossing and turning.” In other words, I couldn’t sleep, which was why my hair was messy from lying on a pillow. Don’t you sometimes have nights like that? Ironically, once I’d taken the selfies and seen them, I fell asleep. I posted the note the next day. My iPad was my Christmas present to myself. I do find it handy. I recently wrote a short essay. It will be critiqued at my next writing group meeting and then I’ll post it. Nothing important, but I’m writing again. I got stuck because I am writing a major story — one that describes a major turning point in my life — and finding it very difficult to put together.

  4. I’m very excited to have found this blog! As a semi-professional pinup artist that loves the images of days gone by of Anita Ventura, June Palmer and of course, the firecracker smile of Gloria Dawn, I’m happy to see you’ve still got it, and that the personality appears to match the liveliness of the images of you.

    I’ve painted quite a few pinups and cheesecake painting and the ones that reference models from the 1950s and 1960s tend to get the most popular response. Let me know if you’d like to see them, and I’d be happy to send you a link!

    BTW, kinda pretty at 21? Kinda? You were a real stunner at 21, thank you very much. 😀

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