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I have posted two newer “profile” photos to my general Tumblr blog but I haven’t posted them to this onmemories site.  Here they are.  The first was taken by my son a day before my 75th birthday.  I’m holding my new kitten Socrates.  He’s now much larger — 17 pounds — very large for a Siamese, but he’s still friendly and laid-back.  Even the vacuum doesn’t faze him.  (“Clean around me because I’m not moving,” he appears to say when it roars near him.)

The second photo was taken by my grandson on my 77th birthday.  I wasn’t expecting this one and I’m not wearing any makeup, not even the minimal eyebrow pencil and lipstick quickie that I normally put on when leaving the house.  Notice the big piece of birthday cake.  And I ate it all too.  Not very smart for a diabetic but once in a while…  At any rate, just to keep you updated, I’m still overweight but keeping my diabetes under control.  My doctor would like me to lose 10 pounds but my blood sugar levels, which are tested every three months, are not spiraling out of control.  I’m in maintenance mode.

Here are the photos:

Shannon Moeser, 75th birthday, with new kitten

Shannon Moeser, 77th birthday, with cake.


Me (old)

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PS added September 12: I’ve lost ten pounds since these photos were taken in May, thanks to the encouragement of my two “buddies.”

Photos of me taken a week ago. I need to lose weight. I need someone to keep prodding me! Any volunteers? (I don’t know how long I’ll keep these pictures up.)

Shannon Moeser (almost aged 73)

Shannon Moeser (almost aged 73)


Shannon Moeser (almost aged 73).

Shannon Moeser (almost aged 73).

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